Hay Park School reading recovery


Image courtesy of The New Zealand Herald
Image courtesy of The New Zealand Herald

‘There’s huge urgency and no holding back’
When Gabrielle Letele began at her new school this year, her mother was worried. The shy 6-year-old was struggling to learn to read and it was affecting her confidence.

“I used to wonder all the time if she was okay, if she was in classes where teachers didn’t pick up on kids that were quiet,” Vaimaua Brown-Letele said. “I didn’t want her to be behind.”

The family decided to move Gabrielle to Hay Park primary, a decile one school in Mt Roskill. Gabrielle was assessed, the school swept into action, and just one term later counts reading as her favourite thing to do with mum and dad.

“We have seen such a dramatic positive change,” Mrs Brown-Letele said. “She’s much happier to go to school, and she’s always got her reading bag out.”

The rate of children meeting reading expectations at Hay Park is 30 per cent higher than the decile one average. It also has more than 50 per cent of its students in the highest achievement bracket despite arriving with very low literacy and numeracy levels, and varying experience with early childhood education. For the full article, head to the NZ Herald Website

Wesley Intermediate is ‘breaking the mould’

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A new project is helping students take technology to the next level.

Wesley Intermediate students in Auckland are throwing out the rule book and breaking the mould of what can be achieved in the workshop.

The introduction of devices like Chromebooks and 3D printers has opened up a world of design and production that was unheard of just a few years ago.

Wesley Intermediate deputy principal Lou Reddy says a shift in thinking is helping students push the boundaries of classroom learning.

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Ako Hiko Bridges Technology Gap in Schools

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Principal Sheree Campbell insists technology is not ruling the classroom.

It’s an interesting concept when year 4 pupils at Hay Park School are tearing open boxes to reveal their new Chromebook devices.

But Campbell says educators are not just jumping on the technology bandwagon. For the full article click on the image above or here.

Preparing For 2016

Our 8 schools are currently in discussions with Parents and Whanau regarding learning in digital classrooms. Numbers can then be finalised for the purchase of Chrome Books for 2016. We hope to have the devices purchased and distributed by the start of the school year in February.